Anni Huang is the founder of World Madam, dedicated to promoting women's entrepreneurship and leadership development.

She has not only established the World Madam Foundation, World Madam Group, and World Madam Academy but also initiated the World Madam Global Selection, World Madam Charity Journey, and co-organized several significant international events such as the United Nations Peace Concert, World Madam Celebrity Peace Concert, United Nations Autism Awareness Charity Concert, World Madam International Cultural Week, and the "Global Health Women "sub-forum at the Boao Asia Forum Global Health Forum.

Her efforts and achievements have had a positive impact on culture, education, philanthropy, and environmental protection, and she has earned widespread respect for her intellectual beauty, gentle sincerity, honest friendliness, and compassionate benevolence.


-AAHS Six-Star Diamond Award

-Outstanding Contributor to International Cultural Exchange

-Golden Phoenix Cultural Achievement Award

- Global Outstanding Women Award-Order of the Royal Saxon Knights of Constantine

-World Cultural Ambassador: World Cultural Arts Organization

-Goodwill Ambassador: International Alliance for TCM Cancer Research & Cure

-Goodwill Ambassador: Stop Trafficking of People (STOP), an international humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and preventing sexual exploitation.

-Goodwill Ambassador: Equal Rights for Children

Our Founder