“Let Peace Prevail" Debuts at UN, Aiming to Awaken a Global Consensus for Peace

The song "Let Peace Prevail," inspired by Ban Ki-moon, debuted at the UN, calling for global peace. Garnering international acclaim, plans are underway to translate it into all UN languages, symbolizing a united effort towards worldwide harmony.

3/31/20242 min read

On the evening of March 18th, New York time, the Delegates Dining Room on the 4th floor of the UN headquarters in New York witnessed the global debut of the song "Let Peace Prevail," calling for people worldwide to join hands in building a peaceful future together.

The creation of the song was initiated by Anni Huang, President of the World Madam Foundation, who also penned the Chinese lyrics, while the English lyrics were crafted by Martin Jiangang Wang, Vice President of the United Nations Correspondents Association. The music was composed by Celestine Liangzi Liu, the 2021 Global Runner-up of World Madam Competition, who also performed the song alongside American singer Josh Moreland. The song ingeniously blends stirring and lyrical melodies, depicting a fervent longing for peace and a beautiful anticipation of future life through its emotionally charged lyrics.

Huang shared her insights, saying, "During my visit to the UN, the statement by former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, 'The world is over-armed, and peace is under-funded,' profoundly shocked and inspired me. I hope to awaken everyone's deep-seated desire for peace with a song filled with hope and strength, shining a light on the path toward achieving world peace."

Wang highly praised the effort and revised the earlier-written English lyrics, naming them "Let Peace Prevail." With Huang's planning and funding, the song's creative team was quickly assembled. After repeated online discussions, the team reached a consensus. Liu first completed the composition and polished it meticulously. At the UN's premiere ceremony, Liu and Moreland's emotionally compelling performance received high praise and love from ambassadors from various countries stationed at the UN, UN staff, members of the American community, journalists, and other sectors. A UN official who had worked closely with senior UN officials strongly suggested that the song be presented to the UN as a gift for its 80th anniversary.

Before the debut ceremony of "Let Peace Prevail," the creative team shared the song with numerous diplomats, UN officials, journalists, and experts in relevant fields to seek their valuable opinions and suggestions. The song received extremely positive and encouraging feedback, with all participants in the first round of reviews expressing high appreciation and their willingness to assist in promoting the song globally to spread the message of peace.

The creative team plans to translate the song into the six official languages of the UN: Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic, and release them worldwide. Huang has already completed the Chinese lyrics for "Let Peace Prevail" and plans to invite an outstanding singer globally to perform the Chinese version. Currently, translations of the French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic versions are underway, and the selection of singers worldwide is being actively prepared.

Liu said, "Peace is a desire deep in everyone's heart. Music transcends borders and touches souls. 'Let Peace Prevail' aims to convey healing and strength, making people believe that a peaceful and beautiful future is achievable."

Moreland emphasized that conveying peace through music is his duty. He expressed his deep love for the song's lyrics, saying that he sang it with "the voice from the depths of his soul."

On the evening of the song's release, a UN official stated, "This song profoundly made me feel the international community's desire for peace. As a UN official, it fills me with confidence in achieving peace."